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More about our August 2019 speaker, Keith Kahn-Harris Posted Aug 08, 2019 By Lawrence Joffe

On Sunday 25 August Keith Kahn-Harris will speak at JW3 about his latest, much praised and extremely timely book, Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the

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Report on our meeting with Sir Vincent Fean Posted Jul 26, 2019 By Lawrence Joffe

Should Britain recognise a sovereign Palestine now? Event report Posted originally on?10 July, 2019 by?The Balfour Project and written up by Matan Rosenstrauch Images by

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An appreciation of Amos Oz z”l by Yehuda Erdman Posted Jan 13, 2019 By Lawrence Joffe

Picture above of Amos Oz, taken by Mariusz Kubik, 2005 Tribute below by Yehuda Erdman, outgoing Chair of Meretz UK   I am writing an

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